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Conference Production and Brands

Conference Production Companies – Protecting and Portraying your Brand. 

A huge opportunity arises every time your company holds a conference (find out here how we can help create the perfect one for you). This opportunity – and it’s all about your brand – should be viewed in a positive light. However, it needs to be considered with a word of caution, because a potential threat lurks around the quality of the conference production. Without clear thought into the strategy and delivery, your conference may miss a wonderful chance.

Your Conference is about Your Brand

It’s all about the brand and more importantly your brand! Whether your conference is for internal staff, external stakeholders or potential clients, it must market, display and deliver your brand in a positive light. After all, you’ve probably invested a lot of time and money in building your brand on and off line, and a conference is no different.

This is Where the Conference Production Company Comes in

The key player in all of this is the conference production company, as they have the responsibility for getting things right on the day. This company, which usually incorporates the audio visual team, is the interface between marketing and the audience and is critical to the success of a conference.

Conference Production
Sodexo Conference

Often, however, they are only involved at the very last minute, and that is the potential threat that lurks in the shadows we mentioned above. You can have the best marketing department in the world, spend vast sums of money on website, content, video creation, graphics and animations. The problem is that can all be for nothing if your conference production company isn’t good enough or isn’t given the time to really deliver. And ultimately what image does a below par conference portray to your audience? And what damage does it do to your brand?

First Impressions Count

As with most things, a good conference starts with the initial impression. They say it takes only 7 seconds to make a first impression – good or bad. In our experience it is even less than 7 seconds, especially when the first impression is on visuals alone. And that means the set itself.

When your audience enter the conference room you want that initial impression to be WOW! This means a well designed and produced set and stage, which is the fundamental basis of your conference. It’s where the audience first sees your branding. It can’t just be simply functional, it must have massive impact. It needs to shout out:

 ‘This company – this brand – have  invested time and effort into this conference. They mean business.’

Conference Production Company
IBM Security Conference

How to Make That Positive First Impression

Once you get the set right, everything follows from there. And to get your set right, you need a conference production company with the highest levels of expertise and state of the art audio visual equipment. That means the brightest and highest resolution of projectors or LED screens. In addition, well-designed lighting programmes can complement branding, bringing colours and vibrancy to the conference. Only this sort of equipment can make sure your message and brand are visually stunning.

Finally, and often massively overlooked, is the sound. Our advice is not to under invest in the sound solution for your conference. Make sure the message is heard loud and clear.

So, Choose your Conference Production Company Carefully

Your brand is, and has to be, at the heart of every decision you make. When it comes to conferences, the most important decision is to select the right conference production company. This means one that has the ability, experience and audio visual capability to do your brand proud.

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