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We have working partnerships with hundreds of venues all over the UK.

With our free service, we can help you find a venue for any event.

Venue finding is a meticulous process that goes beyond just choosing a physical space. It involves understanding the unique requirements of the event and its target audience. The selected venue should not only accommodate the logistical needs of the event but also contribute to its overall atmosphere and success. Factors such as location, capacity, amenities, and aesthetic appeal play crucial roles in making the right choice. The goal is to create an immersive and memorable experience for attendees while effectively conveying the event’s purpose and message.

Our dedicated team combines expertise with a passion for seamless events, offering you a free service for a tailored selection of venues suited to your unique requirements. We have fantastic working partnerships with venues to ensure that each recommended venue aligns perfectly with your event.

You can see some of these partners below.

Simply discuss with us what you need and our experts will use their experience, knowledge and in-depth venue database to find and recommend the venue(s) most suited to your particular requirements.

We can get the best rates for you too

We will negotiate, on your behalf, to achieve the best possible rates for your event. From hotels, conference centres, and even suitable sporting venues such as football stadia and cricket grounds to specific ‘best placed’ venues that offer the facilities you require.

Our event venue-finding service also extends to seeking out and booking local accommodation for your party to alleviate travel fatigue and save time.

Just some of our venue partners

The Arden Hotel

The Arden Hotel and Arden House

Stratford Upon Avon

Villa Park

Coventry Building Society Arena Venue

Coventry Building Society Arena

Bright Vision Events - Venue - Crowne Plaza Birmingham NEC

Crowne Plaza NEC Birmingham

Staverton Venue

Staverton Park Hotel & Golf Club


Nailcote Hall Hotel

Berkeswell, Warks

Can't see the venue for you?

No problem. We have working partnerships with hundreds of venues all over the UK and can help find the perfect venue for you.