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Brother Conference

In March 2016 Bright Vision was engaged by Brother UK to plan and deliver a full conference production to showcase and launch a new range of their printers. The conference was for 80 delegates and took place at The Mere Hotel in Cheshire.

Our Input as the Conference Event Manager

Our conference solutions included a bespoke set and stage build, all of the sound, High Definition laser projection and intelligent moving lighting supported by a complete LED static lighting solution. As ever, the success of the event was all in the planning and at the conference itself, our crew of 5 assembled the set and managed the conference over 2 days.

Here’s What the Client Had to Say About Our Conference Solutions

“I was going to email you today anyway. The set looked fantastic at the Mere, everyone was raving about it. Phil, our MD was very pleased. He asked for something like Google would have and we delivered that!

Your guys as always were great.”

Regards, Brother UK

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