Virtual Team Building Events

Team Building Activities

Virtual Team Building Events

With Bright Vision Events, your team building activity doesn’t need to be indoors or outdoors at a avenue. Now it can be virtual for team members working from home

6 Tips for Successful Team Building Events

Creative Team Building Activities

Tips for Successful Team Building Events

For successful and creative team building activities, the pre-planning is the key to a successful event on the day. Our Event Managers give some tips.

Outdoor Team Building Activities and the Weather

Outdoor Team Building Activities

How to Beat the Weather for Outdoor Team Building Activities

Outdoor Team Building Activities need not be influenced by the weather. We always plan wet weather contingencies, so if it does rain, it doesn’t matter.

Testimonials for Creative Team Building Activities 2017

Money, Money, Money - creative team building activities

It’s Been a Busy Year for Delivering Creative Team Building Activities

2017 has been a busy year for delivering creative team building activities that really work for our clients. Here are three testimonials from happy clients.

Team Building Activities Outdoors – Our New Activity

Smart phone treasure hunt team

Smart Phone Treasure Hunt – Our new Team Building Activity Outdoors

Smart Phone Treasure Hunt is our exciting new digital age update of the old favourite: Treasure Hunt. Talk to us about using it for your team building activity.

Great Ideas for Indoor Team Building Activities

Money, Money, Money - creative team building activities

We know that when our clients start planning a team building event, they automatically think about outdoor activities. However, with the uncertainty of the Great British weather, here at Bright Vision Events we have many options for indoor team building activities. This means we can offer team building activities the whole year round. No need […]