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Team Building Activities Outdoors – Our New Activity

Smart Phone Treasure Hunt – Our new Team Building Activity Outdoors

Team building activities outdoors are very popular during the summer months, and many companies have trusted us to run their activities for them over the years. We have some old favourites, of course, and one of these is the Treasure Hunt. However, with the swift and continuing advance of digital technology, in the shape of the smart phone (it’s only 10 years since the first iPhone appeared), we have now come up with a modern twist: Smart Phone Treasure Hunt. Proof positive that we’re always looking to introduce new and creative team building activities.

What is Smart Phone Treasure Hunt?

As the name suggests, a smart phone (and, of course, an app) is at the centre of this team building activity. All that participants need is a mobile connection and, with the GPS function turned on, they are ready to go.

The App is supported by award winning software and is designed to engage, motivate and provide insight into what is a unique location based activity.

Team Building Activities Outdoors

Back at base, we can see the exact locations of the participating teams in real time, as they navigate their way around the locations. When they arrive at each location, we send them a challenge to complete via the App and score them on how well they do, again in real time. Likewise, if a team goes off course, we can help them get back on course, or even add in an unexpected challenge to really make a runaway leader think and work hard.

Smart phone treasure hunt is as flexible as you want to make it. It can take place in the grounds of a hotel or even through a City’s streets or parks. It simply uses new technology to bring a traditional treasure hunt ream building activity into the 21st century.

Challenge us to run Team Building Activities Outdoors for your company

Smart Phone Treasure Hunt is just one of our range of creative team building activities outdoors. If you can’t find one that suits exactly what you want, challenge us to come up with a variation or something totally new.


Take a look at some of our team building testimonials. If you like what you see, please contact us for an initial chat about how we can work with you to deliver a really effective and creative team building activity for your company.

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