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Corporate Team Building Activities for Graduates

The Effective use of Corporate Team Building Activities for Graduate Induction

When companies decide to recruit graduates by setting up a graduate intake scheme, it is a big business decision, and not without its costs and risks. Get it right and more of the graduates will stay on to become key parts of your team. Get it wrong, and many might not stay long, resulting in significant cost outlay with minimal return. Making a strong first impression is key. An effective corporate team building activities programme, as part of the graduate induction process is a good starting point. This news article looks at how we can help.


Graduate Programmes Require Significant Investment

In running graduate schemes, businesses get access to some of the best potential talent in the country right at the start of their careers. Such schemes give the employers the opportunity to facilitate the learning of the graduates whilst imbuing them with the values and ethos of the company they are joining. The long term aim, of course, is to find the next managers and leaders of the business.

By the same token, the investment in such schemes is significant, both in terms of time and money, especially in the HR function: recruitment, interviews, training, etc. For that reason, it is vital that the process pays off, both for the company and for the graduates. This is where effective graduate team building programmes, at an early stage, can make a big difference by getting things off to the right start.

First Impressions Count

In any walk of life, first impressions count, and graduate induction is no different. They set the tone for how the new graduates view their employer, as they ask themselves some critical questions: “Do they really value me? Have I been inducted properly and effectively? Do I feel 100% motivated?”

Equally, the employer’s first impression of the graduates is vital to. They will be asking themselves a range of questions, including: “Is this year’s intake a good one? Will they take to the business and will they repay our faith in them?”

The first impression is, of course, created by the first event of the graduate induction programme. This is why a really good team building activity is so important.

The First Team Building Activity Day is Vital

Whether the activity is called an Away Day, an Introductory Conference a Welcome Meeting, they all come under the banner of a team building programme or activity. And this team building programme holds real significance in determining how both parties – graduates and employer – kick-off their relationship.

Team building activities can help in a number of ways:

  • A good early indicator of key competencies
  • They are good ice-breakers between graduates and between graduates and their new peers and managers
  • A good way of communicating the company’s ethos and values

So getting these events right is vital, because you don’t get a second chance.

We are experienced in delivering Corporate Team Building Activities and Programmes for Graduates

It might be that your business has just made the decision to enter the graduate recruitment market. Alternatively, if your business is already in that place, it might be that the time has come to review and improve the process. Either way, the commitment of significant costs to graduate recruitment,, financially and resource wise to the project, puts a real premium on getting the team building part of the induction programme right.

Making an external appointment to really kick start your graduate programme is worth considering. At Bright Vision Events we are highly experienced in designing and creating bespoke team building programmes specifically for graduate intake launch events. Whatever your brief, whatever your objectives we have the skills to deliver a truly memorable event.

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