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Two New Creative Team Building Activities

Looking for Something New for an Indoor Team Building Activity?

Here at Bright Vision Events, we’re always coming up with new and creative ideas to add to our range of events, to keep things fresh and vital. Two of our more recent additions come in the indoor team building category: Outside the Box and Masterpiece Creation.

A team building challenge is a great way to motivate and engage your team to improve communication and focus on the importance of working together. We think any company looking for something a bit different for a team building activity will love both of these. Read on to find out a bit more.

Outside the Box

Outside the Box is an exciting team building challenge which provides ‘something for everyone’. Teams first need to work out how to open the box, and then take the challenges to make money. The team that makes the most money wins, but solving some of the challenges need collaboration with the other teams. Outside the Box is a great way for your colleagues to improve their communication and negotiating skills, with added fun and energy plus a little light-hearted competition!

Indoor Team Building

Masterpiece Creation

Masterpiece Creation is the ultimate in collaborative team challenges. All delegates, working in sub-groups, have one combined goal, to recreate an artistic masterpiece on a large scale!  The challenge is that each group is tasked to create only a small segment of the picture. The fun comes when all the segments are fitted together to see how well the ‘big picture’ works. It is a fast paced activity, great fun, and provides a leaderless platform for individuals to become one team.

Indoor Team Building

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