Conference Ice Breakers and Energisers

There are many devices you can use to liven up conferences (but first take a look at how we can produce and manage the perfect one for you) with breakout sessions either to help break the ice, refresh and energise delegates, or simply improve interaction and team building between colleagues. With our help your people will be alive with possibilities. Just a few ideas include:

Drumming Workshop.

Imagine your group entering the room to find an array of world drums & percussion awaiting them. Within minutes, our facilitators will have your group exhilarated, playing cohesively together and reacting & communicating as a unit.  We will send you on a vibrant sound adventure that will build in pace and intensity until the explosive finale.

Picture Perfect.

Possibly the favourite communication exercise of all time, as delegates strive to replicate a masterpiece, overcoming the devastating effects of Chinese Whispers! Guaranteed to generate large amounts of laughter and a buzz of communication.

Game for a Giraffe.

A quick exercise which breaks the ice, fires up brains and bodies and creates much humour. Each table is given identical resources with which to build a freestanding model giraffe, but who will work together to ensure this happens in time – and who actually knows what one looks like?!

Name that Tune.

Another immensely popular exercise. Delegates need to devise, and play tunes on, a bottle xylophone – other teams score points for guessing what on earth is being played. A very effective, demonstrative tool in conjunction with work on negotiation, communication and teamwork.

Great Duck Launch.

A very amusing activity where delegates are tasked to build a catapult that can effectively toss a rubber duck onto a central lily pad in the ‘pond’. Great for communication, planning & teamwork and suitable for groups of anything from five to 500.

Clap Happy.

Think of all the things you do with your hands…then add rubber! This short, sharp icebreaker instantly adds energy and colour to any size group. With no set up/break down or extra space needed, this is a hilarious spectacle using teamwork, rhythms and some clap-happy magic! We strap different coloured rubber gloves to the underside of each chair – on cue, delegates adorn these with colours representing different rhythms…. & off we go!

Leaning Tower of Pasta.

Teams are given spaghetti, marshmallows, wine gums, and the “simple” task of building a tower which is higher than the other teams’ efforts…. However each tower will only count if it is self supporting so a robust design is key to succeeding!

And we can help you utilise many more ideas like these. All you need to do is Contact us or call us on 01295 779033 if you are planning a conference and would like to talk to us to find out more about our conference ice-breakers and energisers.

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