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Boom Whackers

Boom whackers will instantly transform any size meeting or conference into a sea of colour with teams working in perfect harmony as part of a musical tube orchestra. Each of these vibrant hand-struck musical tubes, creates one of five notes, which, when layered together, make perfect music.

How it works

With just a wave of our conductor’s hand, your orchestra will soon stop, start and much, much more as a musical masterpiece sounds from your group.

Bringing recharging energy, light and sound to any event. this exciting activity is the perfect ice breaker, energiser or finale for getting everyone engaged and working as one united ensemble. Lots of interactive surprises await your group and your conductor’s antics will keep everyone entertained and on track for the final.

With our optional and unique ‘undercover fake speaker intro’ we can go from a normal meeting room setting straight into a complete audience surprise with all the instruments playing, in under two minutes!

A fast-flowing session of melody and rhythm that will lift the energy of the room, and only one facilitator is needed on stage. The activity can be cleared within moments to let your meeting continue!


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