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The Escape Room

Welcome to the Escape Room, our latest indoor team building activity –  the colourful and dangerous era of the prohibition where gangsters ruled the underworld. You are a group of Eliot Ness’s Untouchables determined to find the location of Chicago’s last illegal still.  You have been locked in by Al Capone's gang and have no more than 60 minutes to solve the riddle and escape the room that will fill with lethal alcoholic fumes if you don’t make it!

How it works

Our virtual Escape Room is your table. Your ultimate task is to find and solve a series of clues and challenges that will eventually lead you to the safe, which you must open to solve your final conundrum.

Working in teams of up to 8 delegates you have up to one hour to follow through a series of clues. The challenges range from practical to brain teasers. Our facilitators are on hand to provide the code letters to each of the teams as they work their way through the challenges.

Each team / table is supplied with a selection of props ranging from a briefcase, dodgy diary, locked chests and other clues from the 1920s.

The challenge is ideal for companies seeking a task that can be set in your conference room, where your delegates can work from their existing tables against the other teams in the room. An alarm clock counts down the minutes.

As the tension builds the teams become desperate to be the first to work their way through the challenges. But be aware being the quickest does not necessarily mean you will be the best – as quality counts!

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