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Drumming Workshop

Within minutes, our facilitators will have your group exhilarated, playing drums from around the world cohesively together and reacting & communicating as a unit.  This drumming workshop will send you on a vibrant sound adventure that will build in pace and intensity until the explosive finale.

How it works

This is the perfect activity for learning a new skill to create a sense of unity, common purpose and one’s importance within a team. With a professional musician leading the group each team learns the basics of rhythms, patterns and effects on a variety of drums to include large African & Brazilian drums, and - to balance the sound - a mix of percussion instruments such as cow bells, go-go bells, frame drums, and handheld round frame drums.

All the rhythm challenges which await your team are specially designed to enhance communication skills, improve focus & creativity, and to motivate the individual’s commitment to the overall goal… all cleverly disguised as outrageous fun!

After they have performed each Masterpiece to the entire group, all that is left to do is breakout the Samba whistles, up the tempo and lead the entire group in their very own hair-raising finale.


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