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Choose one of our virtual Christmas Crackers

There is really nothing better than bringing your teams together at Christmas time to celebrate all their efforts throughout the year, and this year should still be no different, as we promise to make your Christmas bash as fun as ever. 

We love to be part of the Christmas entertainment each and every year – normally face to face – but of course that’s all changed, at least for now. What doesn’t need to change, however, is the tradition of bringing your people together at Christmas and this year we are working hard to bring people together whilst they are still apart.

Which is why, in the spirit of corporate events and team building challenges, we set ourselves a big one. How do we help you to party on this Christmas? The answer is to choose one of our virtual team building events. Here’s just 3 of the events we offer.

Virtual Xmas Escape Room

It’s Xmas 1930 and it gets pretty cold here in Chicago. Locked in a room by Al Capone’s mob, your gang has to to work together to solve the riddles against the clock before it fills with alcoholic fumes. Cracking open your own bottle in your own living rooms makes the virtual experience smell all the more real. 

Virtual Xmas Quizmania 

This is as fun and competitive as any Xmas Special you’ve watched on TV over the years. Hosted ‘live and direct’ from the Bright Vision Studio your colleagues answer questions through a dedicated app. Fully interactive, contestants can chat and laugh with each other throughout the show until our compere finally announces who won and stuffed their colleagues!

Virtually At The Races 

Our professional pundit will guide you through the evening introducing the runners and riders for each of the six races. Odds will be shared on screen for every horse prior to the race and bets taken using a virtual kitty with winning totals counted at the end to see who was best at beating the odds. Guaranteed to get people shouting at screens and pulses racing faster than Secretariat.

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