Team Building and Training Activities

Psychological Profiling, Team Building and Training Activities

Our team building and training activities include team assessment and psychological profiling.

Research shows that understanding our colleagues on a deeper level  – utilising processes with scientific study behind them – can assist in resolving issues of team communication, problem solving and conflict resolution, as well as tackling that tricky ‘diversity’ issue.

Probably the best regarded in this field is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, published by OPP. Under the guidance of a trained Bright Vision facilitator, your people will better understand why they do things the way they do, and also understand why others operate differently – recognising that other team members are not setting out to be difficult, but may just have a different approach.

There are, of course, any number of alternatives and supplements to this method including Belbin and De Bono, together with other forms of specialist training, including: one-to-one coaching, 360° performance appraisal systems, coaching skills workshops and organisational culture surveys. With the assistance of our occupational psychologists, we can offer the right programme to ensure that a process of sustained change for your business becomes a reality.

Often the simplest approach is to undergo a morning session with some social profiling using the Merrill Reid analysis which gives excellent and easy to understand preferences, that are very valuable in understanding the dynamics of your team.  This can be followed by an afternoon of Team Building Activities, chosen from our extensive portfolio, to reinforce the findings of the morning session.

Merrill Reid’s Social Styles

Training Activities

Team Assessment and Team Building Activities

Our challenges include a combination of low level physical activity and initiative tests, which will naturally ensure all delegates have equally important roles to play. The tasks, often run as ‘leaderless’ activities, can also be adjusted in emphasis so that one person at a time takes charge of his/her team. Our experienced facilitators will focus on this individual, as well as ensuring others do not try to take over where they shouldn’t.

Our instructors can assess each team or leader on their activity, based not only on the completion of the task, but how they performed as team players and/or leaders in each of the criteria making up the challenge. They will be informed in advance of the qualities required throughout the day.

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