Corporate Team Building Events, Activities & Exercises

Corporate Team Building Events and Activities to Maximise the performance of your team

Your people are the best asset your company has in order to be successful. The best way for you to maximise their performance and build real team spirit is with bespoke creative team building events and activities that build teamwork. In our experience the importance of these events is key to the success of any company. Creativity to get team members to work together, build camaraderie and cohesiveness and improve communication and team performance is at the heart of all of our team building exercises. Take a look at some of the clients we work for. Here’s what our clients think of our work.

Looking for Virtual Team Building?

Social distancing does not mean the end of corporate Team Buildng events. All you need to do is get us to take your audience to your Team Building event, on-line, professionally and virtually.

Virtual Team Building

Take a look at a Video of a Recent Team Building Activity Day

This video is for our Alternative Olympics Team Building Exercise, where you can see problem solving skills, team bonding activities and team building skills in action. You can view the testimonial here.

Bright Vision Events specialises in creative corporate team building events, activities and exercises for companies. We tailor-make specific motivational challenges, games and activities that aim to address and help resolve issues that you might have identified in the workplace. We promote the use of communication and leadership and team building skills using team challenges in fun and engaging environments. We aim to build rapport to ensure that your people and the teams they work in are stronger, more cohesive and more productive.

Collaboration activities that require teamwork build team spirit, help break the ice and encourage team building. Please have a look at some of our testimonials for our corporate team building events to see what our clients say.

Looking for a Great Team Building Day?

Whatever your ideas, challenge us to help make your next team building day truly memorable.

Challenge Us!

We work with our clients to provide the following corporate team building activities that communicate effectively and deliver a learning experience for any number of participants.

  • Indoor Team Building Events and Activities

Great for when the days are shorter and the weather isn’t at its best, we have a superb range of indoor exercises, games and challenges.  These include our famous Labyrinth game, the ever popular Lights, Camera, Action, and two new team building ideas: The Escape Room and Outside the Box. There are many more events to choose from, or simply challenge us to come up with new games and activities to promote team building.

  • Outdoor Team Building Events and Activities

When the days are longer and the weather is more reliable, the great outdoors comes into play, with the chance to get out of the office too. Our team activities include: It’s A Knockout, Smart Phone Treasure Hunt and Highland Games.

We also provide the following events and activities.

Our Team Building Events and Activities are Interactive and suitable for all Abilities and Ages

All of our exercises and challenges are interactive and designed as creative problem solving challenges. In this way, your people can learn about team working, team dynamics and team effectiveness and improve their skills. They are also fun and suit all ages and abilities, promoting leadership and team-work in a positive way to help development of the individual.

For us, it’s all about understanding the needs of your company and the people in your organisation, their strengths and weaknesses and how the latter can be overcome. We will come up with teambuilding activities and communication activities that will build trust between co-workers and team members. Plus, throughout the whole team building process, we’ll work closely with you to make sure we get the balance rightoften carrying out a brainstorming process with you.

We’ll provide you with ideas and solutions, which along with the use of creative thinking will deliver the quality results you want. On the day our highly trained facilitator and other team members will be on hand to encourage the delegates and ensure that all are working as a team and improving their effective communication skills.

We Also Offer Psychological Profiling & Team Assessment For Your Team Building Events

Part of team building events and activities and their effectiveness is an understanding of what we do and why we do it. The more we understand, the greater the potential improvements to group dynamics and employee motivation. At Bright Vision, we are advocates of psychological profiling and team assessment, both of which can help improve teamwork teamwork in the workplace and are an essential aid in the team building process.

Our Activities Will Energize and Motivate Your Staff.

At Bright Vision Events our experience is that motivated and happy employees make a company successful. We know what makes a successful team builder . Our events and activities can help you nurture and develop your employees who are then able to deliver the best that they can for your company.

Improving Teamwork Skills Will Improve Levels of Team Communication and Group Dynamics

The more you put in to a team building event, the more you get back, with the levels of increased productivity often being very noticeable indeed. So if you are considering how to motivate your employees, then Bright Vision can help. Take a look at this article to see how our team building activities could help your company be the best it can be.

Contact us or call us on 01295 770933 and we will organise and deliver creative team building activities, exercises, events and games for your company’s corporate event, along with any psychological profiling and team assessments you require.