Indoor Team Building Activity - Masterpiece Creation

Bright Vision’s Masterpiece Creation is the ultimate in collaborative team building challenges where all delegates have one combined goal – to recreate an artistic masterpiece on a grand scale! In this activity, all individuals must work together. Their one common purpose, one objective and utilise all their individual skills in pursuit of that one collaborative goal. Masterpiece Creation is truly the ultimate team building activity.

How this Team Building Activity Works

Masterpiece Creation sees the delegates working together in sub-groups to recreate an artistic masterpiece as accurately as possible.  Each group receives a small segment of the picture to complete and the equipment to do so. The teams do not know what the picture is at this stage.

The aim, and hope if teams work together, is that when these smaller segments of the larger picture come together the result will be a fantastic and accurate recreation of the original picture.

Easels, canvasses, brushes, paints, pens, mixing bowls and overalls, are provided along with our experience and technical knowledge. Even better you don’t need to be an incredible artist to enjoy and take part. This really is an all-inclusive and engaging event, with various roles and tasks are required.

From mixing paints so that all colours match from canvass to canvass to measuring lines so overlaps are accurate to trying to establish if you can what the end picture actually is, it’s all about teamwork.

Contact Us About Masterpiece Creation

Masterpiece Creation is just one of the the team building activities that we offer at Bright Vision Events. If your company is looking for a fun, exciting and team building activity that really works, contact us or call us on 01295 770933 for an initial chart.

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