Indoor Team Building Activity - Outside the Box

Bright Vision’s ‘Outside the Box’ has been designed specifically to highlight the importance and benefits of individuals and teams by recognising the value of communication and working together as one force. The event highlights and draws on some key team building dynamics, including:

  • Negotiation,
  • Time management,
  • Co-operation,
  • Strategy planning, and
  • Communication.

How Outside the Box Works

The activity starts with each team being given a locked case, inside which is their full brief for the event. The first task, of course, is to open the box, which is locked with a combination lock. Each team is given 4 clues to help them open their case.

Once open, each case will reveal a selection of team building challenges and tasks that the teams must complete in the given time frame. The objective for each team is to make as much ‘money’ as possible by completing a wide selection of challenges as well as they can from over 75 “Money Challenges”.

The teams can take as many Money Challenges as they like in the time available (they won’t manage them all), in any order, but everything is scored on a qualitative basis. This means that the better each Challenge is executed, the more money will be awarded by the team’s adjudicator.

Now the Team Building Skills Required Kick-In!

It soon becomes clear that the teams will need the help of other teams. Only by careful planning and using keen negotiation skills can they execute the tasks effectively. Some of the props provided in the locked case will cause confusion and teams will have to attempt to understand the purpose of their presence as the event builds.

Throughout the event more and more clues are solved and only then does it become apparent that some parts and props might be missing from each team’s box making it impossible to complete certain challenges without negotiating and collaborating with other teams.

The tasks fall into 4 categories:

  • Creative,
  • Physical,
  • Performance-related, and
  • Mental agility.

Contact us About Outside the Box

Outside the Box is an all inclusive team building activity that, most of all, has something for everyone.

If you are considering a team building activity for your company, and think that Outside the Box could fulfil your requirements, contact us or call us on 01295 770933 for an initial discussion. We would be delighted to hear from you.

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