Virtual Team Challenges - The Labyrinth

A Versatile and Popular Virtual Team Building Event and Challenge

The Labyrinth – one of our most popular and versatile team challenges – is also available as a virtual team building challenge. It is a series of cryptic and intellectual virtual team challenges, aimed at team building with an emphasis on fun and improving problem solving skills rather than physical exertion. It does require team members to cooperate and collaborate in order to build effective teams.

Delivered virtually we send teams ‘live’ a series of puzzles, conundrums and challenges, which will encourage creative-thinking and require effective communication to build trust. Guiding the teams through the process is a live event manager who can assist if required, although teams are encouraged to problem solve themselves. For some tasks we send only part of the information to certain individuals stressing the need to work collaboratively.

The Labyrinth is a great virtual team building activity which is a bit like “Crystal Maze” or the “Krypton Factor” but for teams. There can be a “physical“ element to some of the games, but the “skill” elements and “mental” tests are most important. ALL of the challenges involve a lot of laughter to really motivate participants to build team-spirit and improve communication and team development.

Our Experienced Facilitators are There to Help

Our live host and facilitators will be on hand to accompany your teams through the challenges. They are highly experienced and can fire enthusiasm into even the most reserved group. Teams compete simultaneously against other teams allowing us to encourage light-hearted competition.

A programme will be designed so that your delegates follow a series of team building activities and challenges that are tailored to your time and agenda. Each unique challenge is a great test of a group’s ability to work together on their strengths and weaknesses and communicate effectively, even when situated in different locations.

Talk to us About The Labyrinth for Virtual Team Challenges for Team Building

Our virtual team challenges are delivered live and remotely from the Bright Vision Events studio, with an event manager on hand to who facilitates and ensures all goes as planned.

There is really nothing better for bringing your people together, and livening up remote working, than a team building exercise where the only thing that might get bruised is an ego or two.

If you are looking for a virtual team building challenge event and are interested in finding out more about the Labyrinth, please contact us or call us on 01295 770933 for an initial chat. It’s just one of our range of virtual team challenges, all of which are perfect for corporate team building events.

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