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The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth is our most popular and versatile indoor team building challenge, taking its inspiration from TV’s “Crystal Maze” and “The Krypton Factor”, but it’s for teams rather than individuals. The ‘Labyrinth’ is our ‘collective’ name for a series of 30-minute physical and intellectual challenges, aimed at team building with an emphasis on fun and problem solving rather than physical exertion.
Each challenge does require a high degree of co-operation between team members, and we can directly relate this to the types of skills used in the office environment, providing genuine “take home” value too.

How it works

The group will be divided into an even number of teams with teams taking each other on in a series of challenges that test all of the soft skills associated with a normal work environment.  Communication, decision making, time management and effective use of resources are all essential in the completion of the tasks.

Our facilitators are on hand to help teams where required, with the event being run in a relaxed and friendly manner to put delegates at ease.  The challenges are designed so that they are inclusive to all but lead to a sense of accomplishment if they are completed successfully within the time scale.  Underlying the whole challenge is a huge amount of fun as teams become involved in a light-hearted competition.

The length of a labyrinth can be varied to suit requirements.


We also have an outdoor version of the Labyrinth event if you would prefer?

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