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Corporate team building events and activities is one of our largest specialisms. Typically, we put on 200 team building events per year for clients of all sizes right across the country. Now our 5 most popular team building activities are available as virtual team building activities, so that all participants can join in from their own home. All that’s needed is an internet connection and a laptop, tablet or smart phone, and we do the rest. The show will continue to go on!

All of the Fun of our Traditional Team Building Activities – But Now Digital

The virtual, or on-line revolution, has been slowly building in the events industry for some time now. Many of our events already feature a streaming element for those who couldn’t attend to view remotely either at the time or later on. The social distancing required as result of Covid-19 simply means that all participants in one of our team building events or activities are taking part virtually.

In all cases, you will be fully briefed by our team and will have event support throughout the live activity.

1. The Virtual Escape Room

Our Virtual Escape Room is set during the 1930s Prohibition era in Chicago. All participants are locked in a virtual escape room by Al Capone’s gang and have no more than 30 minutes to solve the riddles and escape the room that will fill with lethal alcoholic fumes if you don’t make it!

Our Virtual Escape room is delivered live and remotely from the Bright Vision Events studio, from where we screen share via a live chat room all you and your colleagues need, on a team by team basis, to solve the clues and make your escape.

2. The Virtual Labyrinth

The Labyrinth is our most popular and versatile challenge – it is a series of cryptic and intellectual challenges, aimed at team building with an emphasis on fun and problem solving rather than physical exertion, although it does require co-operation between team members.

When delivered virtually, we send teams live a series of puzzles, conundrums and challenges. Guiding the process is one of our live event managers, who can assist if required, but teams are encouraged to problem solve themselves. For some tasks we send only part of the information to certain individuals stressing the need to work collaboratively.

3. Virtual Masterpiece Creation

Virtual Masterpiece Creation sees your team participating remotely to recreate a masterpiece as accurately as possible. This activity still requires huge live real time collaboration for teams to succeed. Each participant is given only a small fraction of the overall final picture to complete and using only equipment they can find at their home must recreate the small section of the image they have been provided with.

Using a live chat room, each team needs to communicate what their individual section looks like, by discussing colour, proportion, positioning and materials to ensure that when all the pieces are together the final result is accurate!

4. Virtual Outside the Box

Bright Vision’s Outside the box has been designed specifically to highlight the importance and benefits of individuals and teams recognising the value of communication and working together as one force. The event highlights and draws on some key team dynamics, such as negotiation, time management, cooperation, planning and communication.

In our virtual version we provide you with the basic props and equipment you need direct to your home. However, on your own, you simply won’t know what on earth to do with the kit provided! Hosted by a live compere, we get every team in a virtual chat room or breakout room, where a full briefing is provided. In addition, an event manager is with you live throughout the process as your team battles against the clock and against other teams to complete as many tasks as possible.

5. Virtual Quizmania

Everyone loves a quiz, and Quizmania is one of our most popular team building activities.

Hosted ‘live and direct’ from the Bright Vision Studio, Virtual Quizmania is delivered straight to your teams’ interactive devices at any time of the day.

Using video conferencing, our professional host will be live and onscreen to guide you through this fully-interactive activity, which will bring the most frantic and fun filled remote entertainment out on the market.

Teams interact via dedicated voting software, incorporating fastest response times, to give us instant results. We bring professional and full production values to this remote event which comprises video rounds and audio rounds.

Contact us About Our Virtual Team Building Activities

Contact us or call us on 01295 770933 to talk to us about our virtual team building activities. We’ve got everything covered and ready to go.

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