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Virtual Masterclasses

From Wine to Cocktails and even Chocolate making these virtual masterclasses are great for evening entertainment, Christmas parties, staff parties and team building – in fact near enough any excuse you can think of.

How it works

Wine tasting

Guests are sent a range of unidentified wines, prior to your event, to taste with the assistance of our sensation charts. The aim is to detect the grape, country and vintage of each wine, which soon becomes second nature! Guests will also learn to unlock the mysteries of picking good from bad wines, finding the bargains and avoiding corked and problem wines.

Chocolate Challenge

You will learn about the cocoa bean, how the beans become a chocolate bar and watch a professional Belgian chocolate making demonstration. Learn how to make ganache, the art of tempering, dipping and decorating techniques. We will share lots of tips and tricks of the trade, bringing a smile to your day and raising the spirits of your whole team.

Cocktail Masterclass

Guests will be sent all the ingredients they need to make three delicious cocktails and our trained bar tenders  will take everybody, step by step, through the process of making those classic cocktails.


We offer a number of virtual events, please see our virtual horse racing and our virtual version of the Labyrinth.

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