Indoor Team Building Activity - The Pitstop

The Pitstop Challenge is our exciting and enjoyable Formula 1 related challenge – perfect for an indoor team building activity. Teams are tasked with designing & building a working model racing car. All cars must be “self-propelled” and cannot be aided by pushing, pulling or similar means. The task involves purchasing parts from our Pitstop shop and coming up with a suitable design that stays within the rules of the race.

The discussion, debate and frantic rushing to-and-from the ‘Pit Shop’ breaks the ice even before construction begins!

With the cars ready – and this deadline always seems to come as a surprise! – cars are ‘raced’ one at a time on our ‘Grand Prix circuit’ with the one travelling furthest winning.

Indoor Team Building Activity
Pitstop Challenge – Team Meeting

A Perfect Team Building Activity as Part of a Conference

The Pitstop Challenge is ideal for a team building activity as part of a conference as the tables can be used as team locations It is also extremely versatile regarding the numbers that can take part: from 10 up to 400.

The Challenge relies on teams working together to use their team resources effectively.  The disciplines range from engineering to budgeting through to design and marketing skills.  It is also possible to enhance the sales technique of a team if they have to pitch their design to one of the judges at the completion of the build.

Indoor Team Building Activity
Some of the cars. Ready to go!

It is even possible to purchase insurance policies to protect against engine failure or collision with the side of the track.

The culmination of the event, as the cars are raced on our racetrack, always brings a lot of laughter and enjoyment to the occasion as teams strive to be the top performers.

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