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Paper Plane Making

Welcome to the sky-high adventure where creativity, camaraderie, and comical antics collide! This is an innovative team-building and ice breaking event that combines the art of paper plane crafting with the thrill of friendly competition. Prepare to spread your wings, take flight, and discover who among you possesses the engineering prowess of an aerospace engineer and the grace of a penguin in flight.

How it works

Armed with sheets of paper and a selection of folding techniques, you'll create your paper plane masterpieces. Our instructors will be on hand to provide guidance and comic relief as needed. From sleek supersonic dart designs to wacky wild-card creations, the sky's the limit (quite literally) when it comes to your paper plane's appearance. Let your imagination take flight!

Prepare for the most fashionable flight you've ever seen! Each team will have the opportunity to showcase their aircraft in a fashion show before the thrilling flight distance competition. Watch in awe and amusement as your planes gracefully (or not-so-gracefully) soar through the air to see who can reach for the clouds and beyond.


Team building events can really, well, 'build your team' and with this in mind, we have a whole range of events designed to do just that. See our Raft Building day or then again do you fancy building a Mexican Railway?

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