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Unusual Team Building Activities to Motivate Staff In Winter

It is no surprise that the (usually) beautiful weather during the summer months is perfect for outdoor team building activities to help increase employee motivation through effective communication. However, when the colder autumn and winter months begin to creep in, studies have shown that staff morale and enthusiasm can begin to take a nosedive. That’s when we need to recreate all the fun of the outdoors…indoors.

The hours of daylight each day decrease fast, so that by late October when the clocks change it is likely that you and your teams are going to work in the dark and returning home in the dark. At work, the lack of natural light can lead to staff becoming lethargic with motivation dipping, so keeping them engaged and happy can be a bit of a minefield. This article looks at how something a bit different, such as unusual Team Building Activities can help to energize them and build team spirit.

Corporate Entertainment Through Team Building

One way to help combat the ‘Winter Blues’ issue is by organising corporate entertainment through team building events. At Bright Vision, we are experienced in planning and delivering fantastic team building activities, and have hosted a variety of successful indoor, outdoor and unusual team building activities. Our interesting sessions feature all sorts of communication activities and challenges

In addition, our team can tailor your events to focus on any specific problems that you need addressing, from team dynamics to team effectiveness.

Building a team is a key part of corporate-culture as teams perform better. From bonding activities to games, puzzles and riddles, the solving skills of your teams and co-workers will improve with our corporate team building activities. We will hold brainstorming sessions with you and hold team building workshops, if required, to ensure you get the results you need.

Team Building Activities Can Help Resolve Workplace Issues

As well as combating low morale, our unusual team building events are also a fantastic opportunity to confront and resolve various issues that may have arisen in the workplace, leaving your work force stronger, more cohesive and more productive. Team activities and team challenges are rewarding and motivational, building rapport and camaraderie amongst all the different personalities.

Team building activities are also a brilliant opportunity for integrating new staff into the workforce and helping staff from different departments to get to know one another as a bonding exercise and start working as a team. Your staff are your best asset and so it is important to ensure that you maximise their performance, both as individuals and as a team.

From Indoor Olympics to “It’s a Knockout” Our Team Building Activities Work

From arranging Indoor Olympics to hosting your very own episode of “It’s A Knockout,” we can organise the perfect team building day to deliver results beyond your expectations. So, whether it’s building the tallest tower, constructing a raft to cross an imaginary river or answering trivia questions, we can deliver the perfect activity to improve team performance and communication skills.

Our team building exercises are fast-paced, high-energy and designed to be successful in improving leadership and team building skills. Also, as the weather in the UK is often very temperamental, we can devise fantastic indoor team building events, always with a facilitator on hand to instruct and make sure all goes smoothly.

Contact Us About Your Next Team Building Event

If you are planning to promote team building and increase motivation and morale within your work force with an indoor team building event this winter, please contact us or call us on 01295 770933 for an initial chat.

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