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Interactive Evening Entertainment

Evening Entertainment – Interacting with your delegates, it’s an art form! 

A nearly impossible task is trying to provide after dinner evening entertainment after your conference for all of your colleagues and peers. How do you please all of your guests? It’s even more difficult when they have been in conference all day and probably had a glass or two of wine with dinner too. It’s hard, but at Bright Vision, we have found that venturing away from traditional bands and DJ’s can pay huge dividends.

Passive Versus Interactive Evening Entertainment

There has long been a battle in the corporate entertainment world between passive evening entertainment and getting a group engaged with something more interactive. The easy route for an organiser is for a passive form of entertainment where a band, entertainer or comedian, etc…. talks at an audience and they sit and listen. Hardly inspiring when you are given the brief of doing something different!

The trick lies in getting your group actively involved in the evening entertainment and providing them with something to remember. You simply won’t get this with just another party band.

Evening Entertainment With Maximum Audience Engagement

Bright Vision Events are highly experienced at delivering top end corporate evening entertainment where the aim is for maximum audience engagement. From technology led gameshows, to keypad quizzes and more traditional race nights and games evenings, it’s all about engagement.

Delivering Interactive Evening Entertainment

Delivering such programmes requires thought. Typically such interactive entertainment occurs after dinner when the room is filled with round tables, so spare space is at a premium. Plus, you need the entertainment to start the moment coffees are served.

A top event company designs all of their evening entertainment programmes with this in mind, fitting in seamlessly with the venue’s catering staff and starting instantly when dinner service is finished.

Guests should be part of the process without even knowing. No resetting of room, moving of tables, guests being asked to take a drink from the bar and we’ll be with you soon. Its straight into it, high energy and a couple of hours of superb entertainment.

Don’t panic if you are ever asked to organise an evening entertainment event, simply have the bravery to go away from the norm, go interactive, trust me you won’t regret it!

If you’re looking for something different and interactive for the evening entertainment after your end of conference/even dinner, contact us or call us on 01295 770933 for an initial discussion.

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