Corporate Evening Events

Exceptional Corporate Evening Events

Whether as a standalone event, part of a conference meeting or at the end of a team building activity day, we approach corporate evening events in exactly the same way as all of the other corporate events and activities that we plan. We produce the event and manage the event planning process with creativity, enthusiasm and professionalism. That way you are guaranteed an exceptional, spectacular, breathtaking and unforgettable evening event, that will be successful and build team spirit and cohesion through better communication.

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Looking for a Great Evening Event?

Whatever your ideas, challenge us to help make your next evening event truly memorable.

Challenge Us!

We Offer a Wide Range of Iconic Corporate Evening Events

If you provide the right evening events and entertainment for your corporate guests, you can turn a ‘normal’ special event into an excellent occasion that is memorable and one they will never forget. From an icebreaker to a fun activity or games and activities, our evening events will be enhancing and are guaranteed to entertain.

Demonstrate your Appreciation of your Staff

It may be that you are planning to create an evening of events for your own staff, rather than clients and corporate guests. Here, the idea is to increase cooperation, collaboration and camaraderie with fun team building games, games and puzzles that improve the problem solving capabilities of your employees whilst also boosting their morale and the team spirit that is so essential in business today. So, an evening event can be motivational and help with leadership and team building through inspiring activities and interesting sessions.

Passionate About Achieving Maximum Success

Bright Vision Events has built its reputation on organising bespoke evening events that suit the circumstance and mood perfectly, catering for whatever our clients want.

From parties, dinners, award ceremonies, special events, team games and team building events to gala evenings and themed evenings, we have created them all – for small groups and large and helped to fashion magical evenings that work well and have lived long in the memory.

We Offer a Wide Range of Corporate Entertainment for Evenings

Whether you want a celebration, party entertainment, an evening with themed events, comedians, impersonators, live music, quizzes, trivia, games, group activities or an award ceremony with a compere, we can provide everything, including the hosting venues, refreshments and the audio visual equipment.

Here are just some of the Evening Events and entertainment that we can put on for you:

We can Produce the Right Package for your Evening Event

If you can’t see exactly what you want here, why not challenge us to come up with some new corporate evening event ideas? All we need to know is what you want to achieve, number of participants and the available budget and we’ll come back to you with a range of ideas for your company’s needs. You can be sure that whatever we propose it will deliver excitement, impress all your attendees, build teamwork, help develop communication skills and live long in their memories.

The Perfect Team for the Perfect Gathering

We will assign a corporate event management team that includes an event planner and a dedicated event manager and facilitator They will work to  ensure that your event goes totally to plan and is delivered perfectly, meeting your full expectations, and all at your chosen venue.

If you want an exceptional evening event, then please contact us or call us on 01295 770933 for an initial discussion.

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