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Indoor Team Building – A new way of thinking

When it comes to Team Building Activities, Team Building Indoors has often been an interesting topic challenging traditional views that team building only involves charging around fields on quad bikes or clay pigeon shooting on a hotel’s lawns on a summer afternoon.

The reality is that corporate event companies, including Bright Vision, have had to develop and evolve to cope with the challenges of the British weather and the need to generate a business that isn’t seasonal. This article looks at how Indoor Events are now a major product group for us and many other event companies.

Indoor Team Building Events Often Outnumber Outdoor Events 

The increase in frequency of indoor team building activities and events has led to a real commitment from event companies to devise and develop exciting and engaging indoor team building products to cater for the increase in demand. The result is a wide range of really innovative events that can easily operate in almost any available indoor space, whilst also delivering the team dynamic elements associated with a traditional outdoor team building event.

Indoor Events Are Popular With Clients As They Are Not Weather Dependent

Clients have bought into the indoor option too. It offers the safety of knowing that the event isn’t subject to what the British weather throws at you on a particular day or indeed the need for an indoor contingency to be on standby just in case. It also offers great value for money.

Often team building or activity days are part of a wider event, for example a multi-day conference or training programme, where team building forms only a small part of the overall agenda. In those instances indoor team building challenges can utilise the conference room and syndicate spaces already in use, eradicating the need for additional field hire costs that an outdoor event would incur.

Indoor Team Building Events and Activities also lend themselves to conferences and business meetings as typically they can be performed in normal business attire avoiding the need for delegates from having to change in to more comfortable and casual clothing.

Indoor Events Are Easier To Plan Too

They also offer a more non-threatening approach as inherently they are less physical and therefore give you the best chance of maximising participation from conference delegates. Another major benefit to committing to an indoor event is the ability to be able to include a team building aspect in your conference agenda in months where the weather is unpredictable. As a result, Autumn and kick off conferences at the start of the year, which used to steer away from including team building activities in the agenda, now have them in the programme regardless of the time of year.

Team Building Activities as Part of Conference Breakout Activities

The continued development of the growth in indoor team building activities has seen the emergence of conference breakout activities, which are typically shorter in length than a team building event, lasting perhaps 20 minutes or so.

We have seen that management recognise that whilst they want to maximise information retention from attendees at conferences or meetings, asking your staff/delegates  to sit through hours or even days of PowerPoint presentations will inevitably reduce what they can absorb. A short indoor conference breakout activity will re-energise delegates leaving them refreshed, full of energy and re-engaged. Our experience is that such short breakout activities are often scheduled in the ‘grave yard shift’ after lunch. Getting staff off their seats and participating in a conference breakout activity fills these tricky slots perfectly.

Outdoor Team Building Activities are Still Popular

It’s still true to say that you simply can’t beat getting away from conference rooms and suites into the fresh air, but indoor team building events are now firmly established as a legitimate equal. Corporate event companies such as Bright Vision Events have adapted and now offer a real variety of indoor products that have conquered the limited space issue and really do deliver fantastic solutions.

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The limitations of only being able to have team building events in the summer have been completely removed and the future of indoor team building events only looks likely to continue to grow. Bright Vision is a specialist corporate events company based, delivering exceptional team building and activity days, evening entertainment, conference production (audio visual kit and crew) and exhibition support.

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