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The Armada is a similar indoor team building activity to the Pitstop Challenge, except teams are tasked with designing and building a working model ship.

Teams can choose to put sails on their craft & purchase a “blast of wind” (with varying strengths and durations) from our Chandler’s shop. The results are often hilarious as entrants propel themselves either forwards, backwards or not at all!

There's nothing like creating something as part of a team to generate some fun, a sense of achievement and a feeling of Health and Wellbeing.

How it works

This challenge requires cooperation amongst team members to come up with a winning design that will be propelled along the Solent. The creativity of team members will be tested as the better a ship looks the further up the waterway it will start.

Teams have access through the Chandler’s Shop to a variety of materials and items that they can purchase. They then need to use their imaginations to create ships’ wheels, members of the crew, gun ports, anchors and even a ship’s cat!  All of which may catch the judge’s eye.

This Indoor Team Building Activity Requires Creativity and Budget Control

The ability to be creative, clever with engineering ideas and control of budget makes this an absorbing challenge.  The finished vessels are raced one at a time and their distance travelled recorded once the boat comes to a complete standstill.  Designs range from speedboats and battleships to pirates’ galleons and the activity always provides a very colourful and engaging challenge for participating teams.

The event is suitable for groups ranging in size from 20-200 and ideal to be carried out in the conference room at your chosen venue. The duration is c. 2.5 hours

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