Conference Theming

As professional conference organisers, we know that the conference themes, especially at the dinner, can really make the difference at your event in a stylish, creative and memorable manner.

Sending your delegates home with great memories lies at the core of what Bright Vision Events aims to deliver: exceptional events, backed up with attention to detail and creative thought.

So consider the range of options at your disposal:  from ‘turning around’ your conference room for an enjoyable and relaxing dinner, to creating a themed gala event or award ceremony with all the glitz, pomp and ‘wow’ factor you could imagine….. the choice is yours.

Theming The Conference Room

We can tailor a party theme to suit your budget. Whether it’s a ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ night, Las Vegas, Ancient Greek, Black & White, Independence Day, Down Under, African Safari we have the equipment, props, special effects, design skills and staff to “wow” your guests. Here’s a few more themes:

“Waes Hael” (Medieval Banquet)

Welcome to Ye Olde Worlde – an exciting, vibrant & colourful themed party where décor and action combine to make a memorable medieval evening. Guests will be entertained throughout by jesters, duelling knights, madrigal singers, a trial and ‘execution’ and bawdry musical romps.

Yee-Har! (Wild West Evening)

Once through the saloon swing doors, your guests will be able to feel the atmosphere of the Wild West. Featuring Cowboy theming and a whole host of action: from shoot-‘em-up skill games, to casino tables or even a fiery rodeo bull!


Step back into 1920s America with your very own gangster themed event. Al Capone, Bugsy Malone and other criminal masterminds of the era are all here as you join in this’ illegal party’!

Moulin Rouge

Whisk you and your guests to 19th Century Paris with our fabulous Moulin Rouge Theme incorporating a 4metre high Eiffel tower, 3D Windmill and can-can dancers.

Harry Potter

Ever fancied a game of Quidditch or an afternoon at Hogwarts learning witchcraft and wizardry? Now is your opportunity to challenge Lord Voldemort as we transform the room into your very own wizarding world. Castles, gargoyles, cauldrons and dragons will make this dinner stand out from the rest!

GoldenNight (007 Evening)

Exciting Bond-related activity (shooting, racing & gambling) and glamorous staff make our “GoldenNight” the best on the market.


A Horror Spectacular! This takes the ‘ghoulies and ghosties’ to its logical extension by creating a wonderful, spooky atmosphere. As an added extra involve guests by asking them to re-enact & film the ‘creatures of the night’ from Michael Jackson’s Thriller video itself.

Contact us or call us on 01295 770933 if you are planning a conference and would like to talk to us to find out more about our conference theming service.

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