Virtual Remote Conference Webinar

Professionally Streamed Virtual Webinar

We provide a professionally streamed virtual webinar package that moves you as the host from the standard free solutions – where managing multiple presenters, sharing your slides and videos can be problematic – to a high end professional production that your audience will be impressed with.

The webinar solution can be extended to multiple presenters, allowing the main host to invite other presenters who will present during the event. All will be based at their own homes or office locations. The event is streamed live via our dedicated live event platform to any number of locations.

All guests will access the event via our branded microsite, which will allow people to register, display the agenda for the day and provide other information as required.

We Provide Full Technical Support

Behind the scenes, our team of professional technicians will vision mix between the various presenters making them the ‘host’ throughout the event for their session when appropriate.

We can display slides, videos and ‘picture in picture’ and allow a full presentation as if at a typical conference. We also have the ability for audience question and answers via a built in App and we have various text and other app options for audience engagement.

Our Virtual Webinars Include:

  • Primary and secondary encoder on our platform plus 5G router back up
  • Crew – Producer, Vision Mixer and Remote Presenter Operator
  • VOIP phone line on web page for technical support
  • Virtual clicker (slide advance etc…)
  • Dedicated lines for each virtual presenter
  • Pre-production support
  • Branded microsite package

In other words, our expert team provides everything to ensure your virtual webinar is delivered smoothly and professionally.

Contact us About our Virtual Webinars

Contact us or call us on 01295 770933 to talk to us about our live virtual conference webinars and remote conferences. We’ve got everything covered and ready to go.

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