Hybrid Events

Hybrid Conferences With a Mix of Live and Remote Delegates

Having a mixture of a live audience in the room and delegates registering and attending via a live stream online is becoming increasingly popular. Guests who choose to or can’t attend can avoid travel and watch the event unfold all from the comfort of their own home. Those who can attend get the experience of a traditional live conference and the key is ensuring both sets of audiences get an equally engaging and immersive experience.

Those guests at home get to watch the stream live via a branded microsite. Guests see live footage and audio from the conference room as if they were in the room themselves. We vision mix in slides, videos and all content so no one misses a thing.  Having a smaller audience attending also allows those who wish to be there that opportunity to experience the show first hand, but gives a genuine feel of a traditional conference even for those not in attendance physically.

Guests at home can interact with presenters live via a number of solutions from voting apps, chat, Q&A and can ‘dial in’ for physical questions if required.

All typical conference equipment is provided for presenters, meaning the audience in the room can experience the environment of a professionally produced conference.

As always our team of professional technicians are on hand to make sure that the face to face and the virtual element are delivered smoothly and professionally.

Hybrid Events Typically Include:

  • Branded graphic backdrop or set and stage
  • Full lighting solution
  • Complete audio support
  • Projection or videowall
  • Vision mixing of all cameras, slides and videos for audience at home
  • All presenter support such as comfort monitors
  • Encoders to send mixed video and audio to streaming platform with 5G router back up
  • Complete onsite production team
  • Microsite package and all streaming requirements

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