Virtual Team Building - Masterpiece Creation

Recreate an Artistic Masterpiece on a Large Scale – Virtually!

The ultimate in collaborative and virtual team building challenges, where all of your team have one combined goal. Individuals must all come together with one common purpose, one objective and utilise all individual skills in pursuit of one collaborative aim, to recreate an artistic masterpiece on a large scale!

Virtual masterpiece creation sees your team participating  remotely yet still requires huge ‘live’ collaboration to recreate a masterpiece as accurately as possible.  Each participant is given only a small fraction of the overall final picture to complete and using only equipment they can find at their home, must recreate the small section of the image they have been provided with. 

The aim (and hope!) if teams work well together is that when these smaller segments of a larger picture all come together, you have a fantastic and accurate recreation of the original picture, which up to this point was a mystery to all taking part.

Using a live chat room, all of your team need to communicate what their individual section looks like. They need to discuss colour, proportion, positioning and materials to ensure that when all pieces are together the final result is accurate!

The outcomes are immediate. How well have the group worked together in ensuring that their part of the picture is up to scratch with the others, is the key question?  This is the ideal event to reinforce the one team ethos because of the collaboration it requires.

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