Outdoor Team Building Activity - School Sports Day

We all remember our school sports days, and this outdoor team building activity takes you ‘back to school’ with our hilarious take on the classic school sports day. As you would expect, the eggs, spoons & sacks will all feature – but so too will an array of hilarious, crazy challenges!

Outdoor Team Building
A confident team

How a typical School Sports Day Programme Works

Delegates are divided into teams and are allocated their houses: Hogwarts, Grange Hill, The Bash Street Kids and Rydell High, for example, by our Headmaster, ably assisted by his deputies. Detentions are given for misdemeanours and house points are earned for how well the schools perform in their tasks.

Outdoor Team Building Activity
The Headmaster

The atmosphere is enhanced by the inter-school rivalry as teams try to win their house points by competing in a range of school themed activities.

Some of the School Sports Day Challenges

  • School races
  • Tug of War
  • Art
  • Physics
  • Oriental studies
  • American Studies
  • Maths

Outdoor Team Building Activity
Enjoying taking part

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