Indoor Team Building Activity - Dragon's Apprentice

Dragon’s Apprentice is an indoor team building activity inspired by the two well known and popular TV shows: Dragons’ Den and The Apprentice. We have taken the best elements from both and merged them into a superb indoor team building activity that has significant links into everyday business practice and team work. As ever with a Bright Vision Events production, it has a fun twist that will entertain and engage your delegates from start to finish.

What is the task?

Your task, as a team, is to invent, design and build the new/next ‘big thing’ and then pitch it to the Dragons. This event is a real business activity, which combines a huge range of everyday business skills, including:

  • Creative product development
  • The ability to pitch and sell that concept/idea.

However, the product, and the concept/idea behind it must be robustly underpinned by strong financials and all the necessary planning that will make the proposition an appealing investment. Teams will require every dynamic to succeed and the ones that do succeed will be those that harness the best skills from each individual in their team.

Just like in a real business, teams must set up a functioning business model, including:

  • A management Structure
  • A Design and Manufacturing Team
  • A Marketing Team
  • A Financial Team
  • A Sales Team

As you can see, this is an authentic team building activity.

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Indoor Team Building Activity
The Dragons

Of course the team with the biggest amount of investment from the dragons wins!

Your product can be anything, from a ‘robot house elf’ to a ‘flying car’. You can be as creative as you like, but remember …you have to design and build the product from scratch, yourselves! And it has to work.

Indoor Team Building Activity
A Team in Action

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