Indoor Team Building Activity - Calendar Creation

Calendar Creation uses digital or original Victorian camera equipment. Teams will be tasked with taking & developing a series of original photographic compositions of themselves in 12 different poses. This creative indoor team building activity requires planning as well as creativity. Participants will need to learn the original techniques of earliest photography if using the Victorian camera equipment.

Creative Indoor Team Building Activity
Nelson at Trafalgar

It is an unusual and fascinating challenge. The theme of the overall compositions is up to you, but recent “favourites” have included “Heroes From History” and “In The Flesh”.

Creative Indoor Team Building Activity
Winston Churchill

Quality and humour are essential, as once all 12 photos are complete, we then develop them into wall or desktop calendars. These are sent on to the attendees with a view to providing them with both a memento of the day (which could be sold on for charity?) and a long lasting testament to what can be achieved with close co-operation and teamwork.

Creative Indoor Team Building Activity
Slaying the Dragon

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