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Technology and Corporate Events Management and Production

Bright Vision Events Continues to Invest in Audio Visual Equipment and the Latest Technologies

Being a professional corporate events management and production company in 2018 is tough. Your clients demand the highest standards of the latest technology and this requires consistent and substantial investment in order to meet that demand. Technology is changing faster than ever, year on year, and in the business of event management and production, it’s important to not get left behind. In this article we look at what we are doing to stay ahead of the game.

We’ve Invested Heavily in Our Audio Visual Equipment

Here at Bright Vision Events we continue to keep up to speed with the very latest technology and have started the year with a bumper increase to our audio visual stock. Our aim is the same as always: to continue to supply and deliver the best conference productions, award ceremonies and roadshows. In order to continue to achieve this aim, and to keep us at the forefront of our industry, we need to invest wisely and keep up with the fast changing technology that’s out there.

It’s only 2 months into 2018, and our new investments have included:

  • Purchasing the latest digital sound and lighting desks, to improve our audio-visual capabilities.
  • A significant increase in our power distribution capabilities, with investment in additional 3 phase power and distribution boxes.
  • We have invested in more LED screens and stands of various sizes and have bought more of the latest laser projectors with full lens range to offer maximum flexibility to our clients’ shows.

We are also shortly expecting a delivery of some new intelligent LED moving heads to increase our lighting offerings for larger productions.

What Does All This Mean for our Corporate Events Management and Production Standards?


Put simply, at Bright Vision Events we are committed to delivering the highest standards for the events that we produce for our clients. As with all conferences and the events that take place around them (award ceremonies, evening entertainment, etc.), everything has to go smoothly in order to make the best possible impression, and the audio-visual production is central to everything.

We had a fantastic 2017 and with this big new investment we look forward to working with more clients, to deliver state of the art sound and vision, on some wonderful shows in 2018!

Take a look at some of our testimonials. If you like what you see, please contact us or call us on 01295 770933 for an initial chat, to see what our latest audio visual technology could do for your event.


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