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Exhibition Stand Design – The key elements you need to know

With exhibition stand design you can sum up what is needed in one word, impact! If you have a clever, memorable, professional and impactful stand, visitors will flock to your stand over anyone else.In the competitive and often ruthless world of exhibitions, impact is the holy grail that every exhibitor is striving for, and it can be costly, so how on earth do you get it right?

With Exhibition Stand Design Simplicity is Key

The key is often in simplicity. What are you exhibiting, who are you wishing to attract and what image are you wishing to portray? Establishing how you wish to outwardly project your brand right at the briefing stage can assist in the design of some truly memorable and exceptional stands.

Your exhibition stand design company need to give you concepts and back these up with 3D visuals and CAD drawings. Exhibition space is always at a premium so utilising what you have is vital, it’s all in the plan.

Make the Stand Stunning

There really is no excuse for not having a stunning, visual stand. Yes you will need to engage with a good stand design company and yes this does come with costs but can you really afford to not get it right? You have paid a lot of money for your exhibition space, so to cut budget on your stand itself and only do half a job on the most important element is dangerous.

What Makes a Stand a Success?

The core areas of what make a stand a success haven’t really changed over the years. Powerful graphics are key, your logo, your imagery and your visuals need to be produced and printed in the very highest resolution. With lighting, a bright vibrant and colourful stand rarely goes wrong.

Make sure you’ve got your accessibility right and don’t give the transient visitor an easy option for not going onto your stand. It must be physically easily accessible for all people, welcoming and non-threatening.

Make sure you have good giveaways. In our experience visitors don’t want bags and bags of literature, in fact they really don’t want anything at all, unless its genuinely useful to them. A branded ruler will go straight in the bin; a 64gb memory stick, now we are talking!

We Can Help Your Exhibition Stand Look Perfect

Get the look and impact of your exhibition stand look right and people will come. After that it’s all about the experience and that is down to you and your staff.

We specialise in the design and production of impactful exhibition stands. Contact us or call us on 01295 770933 for an initial chat.

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