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Corporate Event Management – What it Really Involves

A day in the life of one of our Corporate Event Management team members

Here at Bright Vision Events, we specialise in Corporate Event Management. From conferences and exhibitions to team building activities and evening events, it doesn’t really matter what type of event it is, because all of them require a lot of advance planning to ensure everything is perfect on the day. And the day itself is often full-on, with us making sure everything runs smoothly.

This article looks at just how much work goes into running one of our most popular events – Quizmania. It’s through the eyes of one of our corporate event management team members.

The Morning Before the Event Starts

“It’s Friday morning and it’s all hands-on deck for a busy day at Bright Vision Events, with a Quizmania night taking place for a client at Walton Hall, a venue Bright Vision Events have worked with many times before.  The Op’s notes are already printed and it’s time to load the van ready for the evening.

The AV equipment is loaded first, and this includes: projector, screen, laptops, PA system and speakers. This is followed by boxes of hooters, captains hats, Marshmallows, Jokers hats, newspapers and masking tape – all ready for a fun packed interactive QuizMania Night! As you can see, it’s not your average pub quiz!

With the van loaded, it’s all for the short journey to Walton Hall, where we meet the rest of the team, unload the van and start setting up the equipment: a huge screen and projector, the sound desk, and the lighting around the room. Once all the technical stuff is done, the fun stuff starts as we prepare and sort the team packs: piles of newspaper, masking tape, jokers hats and hooters for the 6 teams taking part tonight.”

Suddenly it’s All Systems Go!

“The music is on, everyone is seated on round tables, 6 teams of 8. They are all ready to be entertained by the Bright Vision Events team.

Our very own flamboyant compere, Paul takes to the microphone, strutting his stuff to the music of ‘Superstar DJ’ and introducing our entertainment team to the guests, who are getting in the swing of things.

The drinks are flowing, the music is getting louder and Paul starts round 1 of the Quiz. I take the team packs round to the tables. My role for the rest of the evening is to be ‘score girl’. A very important role as every team wants to win!

Corporate Event ManagementCorporate Event Management

The first round is to design and make captain hats and the team captain has to wear the hat for the rest of the show.  Teams are frantically creating a hat for the captain, some weird and wonderful designs! The captains are invited up to the stage to ‘show off’ their hats and be scored…

I make a note of the team scores and on to the next round – the quick-fire round. Teams can only answer when the team captain stands up and hoots their hooters! 4 minutes of straight forward questions and answers with teams competing to hoot first and get the answers correct. 2 points for a correct answer, minus 2 points for an incorrect answer. The audience are going crazy to try and win (not lose) points for their teams. I am frantically trying to keep up with recording the scores as Paul shouts out, table 2 plus 2, table 5 minus 2 points, etc. Total mayhem!

As the rounds go by, the audience are getting more and more rowdy, everyone is having a great time. The competition is high and the drinks are still going down well!”

It’s the Last Round and It’s Close!!

“We’re on the last round of the evening, the scores are close and the teams are fired up, anyone could win!

The last round is ‘Game for a Giraffe’. Using the newspaper and masking tape, teams have the task of making the best model giraffe. All 6 teams are against each other to create a giraffe masterpiece, against the clock. Time’s up…captains approach the stage to present their funny looking paper giraffes. Paul reads out the scores, I record them on the score sheet.

All the teams are now back at their tables, on the edge of their seats wondering if they are the winning team. Paul reads out 3rd place, table 2 with 48 points, 2nd place, table 5 with 52 points and the winner is…. Table 4 with 53 points! Very close, the teams are screaming and shouting across the room, demanding a recount and all wanting to be the winning team. It’s total chaos but all in the right spirit and great fun, too!!

And suddenly it’s all over. The end of another QuizMania night. The winning team’s members are feeling very happy with themselves. They have won a bottle of champagne each, and are enjoying letting everyone know that they are ‘simply the best’!

My job as score girl has now ended. The teams all make their way to the bar to continue their night. The Bright Vision Team start the de-rig, load the van, say our goodbyes to the client and away we go. Another successful, fun, entertaining event.”

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So now you know a bit about what our corporate event management team members get up to when running an event like Quizmania. It’s mayhem, but great fun. If you like the sound of Quizmania, just as a fun evening for your team, or perhaps to round off a team building activities day, call us on 01295 770933 or contact us for an initial chat.

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