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Choosing an Audio Visual Supplier – a technical minefield!

Picture the scene, you are asked into the sales directors’ office out of the blue, the conversation is simple, “we need a staff conference and I want you to oversee it”, the reality as you leave the meeting room couldn’t be more difficult! Sound familiar? As conference and event management specialists it’s certainly one we are familiar with.

Staff Conferences Need Perfect Planning

When it comes to conferences, there is a lot to arrange from finding the right venue, to booking speakers, planning agendas and organising content. The most important decision you will make in all of the planning without question is: who will produce your conference in an audio visual capacity?

This doesn’t mean the ‘big event agencies’ who have lots who often sub contract this sort of work. It means the actual production company, the team who when the show goes live are in full control and the team who when the pressure is on make sure everything goes smoothly.

Perfect Planning Doesn’t Guarantee Success

The success of any conference is all in the delivery of the show itself. Deliver the show correctly and to a high standard where everything goes to plan on stage and the event will be deemed a success. If your chosen production tea, make mistakes or the technology fails,  it is the worst place in the world to be as an event organiser.

That’s why you need a reputable production company with experience, the latest high end equipment and, perhaps most important of all, professional staff. In our experience it is the production company’s crew that really make the show. It is really as simple as that. Good crew in all technical disciplines such as sound, lighting and video backed up with the right equipment for your particular conference and you are well on the way to a successful event.

What to Look Out For in Conference and Event Management

Remember your supplier is working for you, not the other way around so if production managers instantly go into technical jargon alarm bells should be ringing. Do not be obscured by technical gibberish: a good production company should explain the solution they are recommending in simple terms highlighting why and what each element of the show will deliver for you.

We Can Help Manage and Deliver Your Conference

The trust required to deliver a conference is vast. When the show goes live you will be helpless and all of your reputation and trust lies in the hands of the technicians. These are the team who you will work through the night with changing slides and rehearsing, you will all be tired, the pressure will be on, but will your production company deliver?

At Bright Vision we are Conference and Event Management Specialists, and we guarantee to deliver exceptional conferences and events. Contact us or call us on 01295 770933 for an initial discussion.

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