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Wine Tasting Challenge

If you have ever wondered how wine experts identify grapes, countries of origin and the year of a wine, without seeing the label, then you and your guests will be enthralled at just how much you can detect in wine and how quickly the necessary skills can be developed.

Our Wine Tasting Challenge is highly interactive and ideal for developing relationships at a wide range of corporate occasions, due to the high level of communication it facilitates between participants.

How it works

Our Wine Tasting events blend of comedy, theatre, interaction and participation. They create a convivial atmosphere and help develop corporate relationships. In addition, with the application of the principles of accelerated methods of learning, guests leave with a new skill. Our wine tasting events are light-hearted and fun and are hosted by wine tasting experts with colourful, lively personalities who have individual flair and a real enthusiasm for their subject.

The expert leads teams on an interactive exploration of their senses. Guests (competing individually in teams) are given a range of unidentified wines to taste with the assistance of our sensation charts. The aim is to detect the grape, country and vintage of each wine, which soon becomes second nature! Guests will also learn to unlock the mysteries of picking good from bad, finding the bargains and avoiding corked and problem wines.

The event is accompanied by our very own aroma game, where our guests are challenged to identify six related wine aromas.  These aromas are commonly found in many grape varieties and can often be quite surprising and have raised a few eyebrows on many occasions!

A quick-fire, team based, wine quiz added between rounds and the tasting always finishes with our classic taste off challenge.

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