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Team MasterChef

To begin, your event host will welcome and divide the group in to teams then turn up the heat with an icebreaker challenge.

This will be followed by a demonstration from our Team Masterchef chefs who will be on hand to assist with creative ideas and cookery tips using the mystery basket of ingredients on offer. A perfect indoor team building activity, and one that works wonders for a feeling of Health and Wellbeing.

How it works

Teams will select one of our mystery baskets, in addition each team will receive a budget to spend in our onsite mini market that includes additional luxury ingredients, blackboards, pens and a market trader to bid and barter with for that essential ingredient to make that extra special dish. This is an excellent way to get your teams thinking about resourcing, budgeting and negotiation while adding another dynamic of communication to the activity.

To conclude, our Head chef will visit the cookery zones to taste and judge the team efforts awarding “Bank of chocolate dollars” for each of the team efforts, the chef will award dollars to the value of what he/she believes the meal is worth. Dollars awarded from the cooked dishes will be added to the dollars left over from the team budget given at the start to decide which team managed to stand up to the heat and receive the master chef medals.

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