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Sushi Making

Sushi has taken Britain by storm over the past few years - simply look at the supermarket shelves to see how our eating habits have changed and for good reason. Sushi is low in fat and packed full of Omega 3 and vitamins. So what better event for a team building activity with added Health and Wellbeing?

Sushi making is a great way to spend a few hours learning some new skills; we can run this activity as a class or with a competitive edge in which teams have to work together. Success will be quickly visible and delicious.

How it works

A professional demonstration is given by our chef to include classic and modern sushi such as Fu maki Ura Maki (Californian roll) Temaki and Nigirizushi. Guests will also be shown how to cook perfect rice.

Each team will then have to come up with the best Sushi display, we will include display equipment for them to get creative. This is a great event if you want to give your team a unique experience and learn new skills. After judging, guests can enjoy the fruits of their labour and eat what they have made. We will also provide some take away boxes.

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