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A “classic” selection of activities but with a real twist, offering a variety of some of the most unusual, interesting and “different” ballistic challenges available, suitable for all.

Clay pigeon shooting or historic weapons for Team Building

Feel the real thing with the clays and cartridges. A variety of stand layouts are available: Driven, crossing, away, rising, rabbit, etc. providing a great activity in itself. HOWEVER, we like to always offer “something different” where possible, and we can also offer an array of amazing, unusual and Black Powder weapons. A fascinating insight into shooting of a bygone era.

How it works

Laser clay shooting  

High tech clay shooting without the recoil. Five guests can shoot at any one time using radar technology to score “hits”. A fully-computerised electronic scoreboard keeps the score

Medieval Popinjay & longbow (archery)

“Popinjay” is form of medieval archery perfected by every Englishman by law in ‘Ye Olden Dayes’. It is an interesting alternative, to normal archery. Here guests get to fire traditional “barebows” at artificial birds positioned high up on a frame some 20ft in the air. Points are scored for knocking the birds off their perch.

Napoleonic mortar

Want your day to go with a bang? Then try working together as a gun crew to flatten the castle using a real black powder weapon! The group works together to aim, load and fire the Bombard (Mortar) with points scored for speed, accuracy and teamwork. A superb challenge, with our instructors (dressed in appropriate costume) drilling each team to ensure safety & skill at all times.

Axe throwing

Straight from the Wild West, although no scalps are to be taken here. Using our single bit Tomahawks you’ll soon be a cut above the rest after chopping the competition down to size by getting your hawks to stick in our wooden tree slice target boards – just like the pros.

Target pistol shooting

Under instruction from our trained supervisors test your skill at target shooting.  2 booths operate simultaneously as participants aim at targets 25 metres away to attain the highest score of the day.

Crossbow & archery

With instruction from championship archers, the ancient art of Toxophily comes to life! Using competition-standard target bows and crossbows, the instructors will teach you how to hit gold every time (hopefully!)….


The Outdoor Laser Combat Game with a difference. No Running – No Paint – No Pain – No Mess!

All you need is a phaser gun, some team mates and a woodland area to play in. From the briefing your first practice game is played using a simple game scenario – 50 lives, 900 shots and no friendly fire, Easy. Subsequent games then require more planning and team engagement, the games get tougher with less lives and the chance of being eliminated from the game.

Planning and strategy is a must for this great exciting combat game oh and I forgot to mention Firing Range of up to 80 Metres and our guns even talk to you. – Great Fun!!!!!

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