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Santa’s Sleigh Making

You are Santa’s last hope! Each team of elves is tasked with designing and building a model sleigh using only the equipment available for sale from Santa’s Workshop, and under the tight constraints of budget and time. As there are no reindeers available, all sleighs must be “self-propelled” (they are on wheels!) and cannot be aided by pushing pulling or similar means.

How it works

In addition to the ‘engineering’ aspect, festive aesthetics are also important. Each member of the team will have an important role to play. This is an exercise in project management, communication, use of resources, and planning. It can also be very funny.

At the end of the build time, head elves bring the team’s car forward to be assessed for design quality & compliance with all the rules, and IS then allotted a starting position.

Finally, each Sleigh is raced, off they go down the track… or not! Some go nowhere, some go backwards, some go forwards then back, but it is the sleigh that travels the furthest that is declared Santa’s new Sleigh.

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