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It is a well-known cliché that “everybody loves a quiz” and this is particularly true of our perennially-popular interactive gameshow: phenomenally successful, it can incorporate any required themes, shaping them around your requirements.

It must be stressed: this is NOT a pub quiz! QuizMania is a pot pourri of all the best participation games you’ve possibly never played! It  is ‘fun’ entertainment, with something for everyone & definitely not designed to tax your participants in a serious manner.

How it works

Our gameshow is designed as a fully-interactive challenge. There are a number of different rounds to choose from, including visual, audio and creative. However, we do like rounds which involve guests getting up from their seats and ‘doing things’ as opposed to “passive” quiz rounds – this event is energetic, frenetic, very colourful, and VERY funny!

Following a big intro from the compère, teams are invited to design a hat for their captain (which helps break the ice for the occasion) and earns the teams initial points. Madcap joker hats are “played” for double points on teams’ tactfully chosen rounds. A frantic and fun filled evening entertainment - ideal at the end of the dinner.

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