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Picture Perfect

This is an exercise in communication, planning, knowledge sharing & attention to detail. Each team have to replicate a masterpiece, controlling the effects of 'Chinese Whispers' as they do so – one of our most-popular exercises with results generally more amusing than accurate; however, it effectively demonstrates how a simple message can easily be distorted, leaving vision and actuality a long way apart!

How it works

We invite 1 member of each team to come & study a masterpiece on the easel for a period of 15 seconds. Meanwhile the rest of the team line up evenly between the easel & the flipchart at the other end, with another team member taking up position at the flipchart with the pens.


1 person will be studying the picture on the easel – the “viewer”, and will have 15 seconds to study it. At the end of that 15 secs, the viewer will WHISPER something about that picture, just to the 1st person in the line. The viewer will have 15 seconds to talk to Person 1 at which point we will say “change” again. At this point, the viewer should go back to the easel for a 2nd look at the picture & person 1 should turn round and WHISPER to person 2 in the line, relaying what the viewer just told them.


Every 15 seconds when we say “change” delegates are either LISTENING to the person behind you in the line, or on my command turn round & talk to the person in front. We reveal results at the end to huge laughter and of course what they should have drawn!!

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