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Christmas Interactive Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts are a popular outdoor team building activity, and are great fun, but have you ever considered combining a treasure hunt with the latest digital technology for the office Christmas party? Well now you can with our Christmas Interactive Treasure Hunt.

Our Christmas Interactive Treasure Hunt is totally different because it means you can treat your staff to a superb Christmas Party, starting off from your offices (or anywhere) with a fun and exciting treasure hunt which leads everyone to the mystery Christmas party venue. This guarantees plenty of fresh air with everyone arriving ready to party.

How it works

Starting at a time of your choice and from any venue, this Christmas outdoor team building activity has an iPad at its heart. Each team is provided with an iPad, which with the use of GPS technology teams use to navigate their way around a city of your choice. As they do so they must answer questions and complete as many wacky tasks and challenges as they can at each destination before the other teams get there. Then the final objective is to be the first team to make it to the final destination to unlock the Santa Challenge, earn big points and for the chance to win the game.

The challenges in our Christmas Interactive Treasure Hunt are all photo and video based and themed, from taking a team selfie in front of a named destination to using teamwork to solve a cryptic puzzle that will reveal the next destination. With the emphasis being very much on fun, this Treasure Hunt is a great way for your teams to enjoy bonding together and letting their hair down knowing that their Christmas Party awaits them!

Meanwhile, back at base, our event managers can see exactly where each team is and how they are doing in real time. We’re also there to message any teams that might be getting a bit stuck or are way off course.

There’s no need to worry about any lack of daylight, because this activity works just as well after dark

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