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Musical Bingo

Taking the popular game of Bingo and turning it completely on its head, Musical Bingo is an action packed evening of fun, with possible (probable!) dancing, air guitars and so so much more! Perfect for any time of year, we can easily adapt it for a Christmas theme, by adding in a festive round, for example.

Everyone knows Bingo the game and everyone loves music, so we’ve taken both and combined them into a fantastic and energetic evening of fun-filled corporate entertainment.

How it works

Armed with a dabber, a set of Bingo cards and enthusiasm, your guests are taken through a throwback of music, from the 60s right through to the modern day. Using themes such as song titles, films, artists and dance, our team play the music whilst your guests enjoy.

Our professional compere gets the crowd going and with bonus points available throughout and with spot prizes aplenty, we guarantee your guests will dance and sing the night away. We provide complete AV support, from screens and PA systems right through to lighting and theming.

Musical Bingo is colourful, loud, ridiculous and just pure fun! A frantic and fun filled evening of entertainment is guaranteed - ideal at the end of the dinner.

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