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Lights, Camera, Action

Lights, Camera, Action is an indoor team building activity played in teams, who must each produce a short film based on a theme they are given at the start of the day. It could be ‘Western’, ‘Horror’, ‘Austin Powers’ or ‘Pirate’, for example. Your team will be guided through the basics of ‘screenplay’, ‘storyboards’, and ‘special effects’.

At the end of the day we show the films as a grand finale, or you may have your own evening ‘Oscars Ceremony’.

How it works

Each team is equipped with a digital broadcast quality camera & various props that will enable the group to create a 3 or 4 minute film.  Technical and creative assistance is provided by our facilitators as each crew story-boards their ideas, seeks locations and scenery and plans costume design to make their production the best.

Themes are chosen randomly but often a work related scenario is preferred: disciplinary hearings, product launches and marketing campaigns are often a rich source of content for our budding film producers.  Teams need to select a director, scene location selector, costume designer, script writer and of course the actors.

The activity provides something for everyone with creativity and teamwork very much to the fore, as films have to be prepared, shot and delivered to our technical experts in a specified time frame.

Oscars are awarded for the Best Director, Best Film, Best Actor, Best comedy moment and Best use of props.  If required the films can be shown straight after the conclusion of the event in the afternoon or in a full Oscars ceremony after dinner.

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