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GPS iPad Treasure Hunt

GPS iPad Treasure Hunt is an outdoor team building activity which takes all of the best bits of a classic treasure hunt and combines it with the latest technology to create a treasure hunt which is a wonderful mix of old and new! This activity works equally well in the city or the countryside, meaning your guests get out in the fresh air to enjoy some action-packed team activity. iPads are provided.

With the use of GPS technology and image recognition functionality, we have taken the traditional treasure hunt concept and combined it with innovative technology and inspired content to create fun, engaging and interactive challenges for teams to complete on the go.

How it works

The treasure hunt is GPS controlled and activates various sub-challenges when teams arrive at a given location (or ‘hotspot’). A challenge could be as simple as taking a team selfie right through to completing a cryptic puzzle! The GPS technology allows us to deliver a treasure hunt at any location, whether in a city centre or in the grounds of a hotel!

Back at base, we can see the exact locations of all participating teams, live, and can keep track of their progress and get real time points scoring data. We can also message and call teams should we think they are stuck or are way off course!

The aim of the game is to be the team with the most points from successfully completing challenges at various GPS locations, but beware, teams returning after the timing cut off point will be penalised even if they have got everything correct!

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