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Have you got what it takes to seek out the traitors?  Inspired by the popular television production which has taken the nation by storm, we have produced an activity like no other… Faithless

Perfect for an indoor team building activity or corporate evening entertainment event,  Faithless is full of intrigue, excitement and fun as teams work together to complete their challenges, win money and expose the traitors who are secretly trying to sabotage everything you are doing!

How it works

To play Who's the Traitor, your group will be split into teams and assigned challenges to complete - but watch out, not everything is as it seems! There will be traitors in your midst whose role is to sabotage your team and achieve hidden tasks.

Within each team we randomly plant a handful of traitors who need to do everything in their power to disrupt the faithful without being caught!

Each team will complete tasks to bank as much money as possible, while simultaneously trying to root out the hidden traitors.

Tasks are split into various disciplines, from puzzles and cryptic clues, to creative tasks and even music challenges. This event has something for everyone.

All throughout teams are trying to discover the saboteurs and will receive a cash bonus if they do with the traitors being ‘banished’ and will join the faithful they were secretly undermining the whole time.  If they remain undetected, the traitors will win a cash bonus. Its traitors versus faithful's as they battle it out for the cash.

In a room themed for the occasion with backdrops, light boxes, mood up-lighting, staff in costume, eerie music and more. We set the scene for a fabulous corporate evening entertainment  event  or indoor team building activity.

Have you got what it takes to seek out the traitors?

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Who's the traitor
Indoor Team Building Activity

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